Friday, 22 March 2013

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Selling today is all about relationships. That’s why leads are the lifeblood of your business, whether you’re selling online or in the real world. Leads are simply people you have permission to market to — as you build their trust, they become willing to buy.
The math is clear… The more leads you have, the more sales you make.
LeadSqueeze makes getting leads easy, because it’s the first lead-capture software that combines the best technology with the best psychology. And this is a tool designed for ANYONE to set up in minutes. If you can use email or Microsoft Word® you can use LeadSqueeze.

Create Stunning Websites Designed to a Build a Prospect List Lighting Fast!

LeadSqueeze is the FASTEST, EASIEST and MOST FLEXIBLE way for Internet marketers, business owners and web designers to make HIGH QUALITY Landing Pages, Lead Capture Pages, Mini-Websites and Squeeze Pages.
LeadSqueeze is powered by WordPress, the world’s leading open-source website and blogging platform. WordPress is used by millions of people around the world. In fact, their latest version was downloaded over 5 million times.
The process is simple, you create a piece of “money magnet” content, such as a pdf report, video or video series, coupon or anything that is valuable to your audience, and offer it for Free in exchange for your visitors name and email address.
LeadSqueeze makes this process simple and has one main focus – to Get the name and email of your prospect and get them on your list.

For ONE single payment — NO monthly fees — you get the ultimate “website in a box” specifically designed to capture leads.

LeadSqueeze enables you to create a complete list-building website for your business in the shortest time possible. The site is unique because it embeds FIVE HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS that virtually compel your visitors to surrender their contact information.
Wherever they go on your site, they are driven to the same action: they enter contact information in exchange for your free offer.
That means you have more than a lead, you have a WARM lead — someone who’s raised their hand and said “Yes, I’m interested in what you have to say to me…” Now all you need do is build their trust and close the sale.
And once you own LeadSqueeze, you can launch as many different websites as you want.

Build Mini-Sites, Lead Capture Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages & More

Most WordPress themes aren’t designed for direct response marketing. Designers design themes to look pretty, but not cause ACTION in the form of capturing a visitors name and email address! We created LeadSqueeze for our own exclusive clients that wanted more results from their online marketing. After seeing some of the results generated for clients ranging from General Electric to a nationally recognized talk show host, we decided to make LeadSqueeze available to small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.

LeadSqueeze uses a scientifically proven Persuasion Architecture that drives site visitors to take action.

1 Your compelling main headline points visitors to…
2 A short and simple video, which pushes them to…
3 Your “Free Offer” headline, which drives them to…
4 The lead capture form where they surrender their contact information
Everywhere on your site, visitors run into the same process. In other words, wherever they go they can only travel ONE PATH, and it always drives to a single result: lead capture.

Built on WordPress for Reliabilty, Flexibility and Exandability — PLUS google LOVES WordPress SEO!

We decided to create LeadSqueeze on the WordPress platform because it’s easy to install, cheap to host and exandable through thousands of plugins. Even the best lead capture site isn’t effective if it can’t be found in search engines. Google absolutely loves WordPresss, so building your websites on LeadSqueeze can help you ranker higher faster.
Actually, your visitors are being HYPNOTIZED into action, using five triggers that are proven to cause positive action:
  • Reciprocity — if you give something for nothing, people feel obliged to you
  • Consistency — when they’ve taken one step towards you, they’re more likely to take another
  • Likeability — video is the most personal way to connect, and LeadSqueeze makes that easy
  • Authority — display your expertise and people will trust you more
  • Social Proof — LeadSqueeze is craftily designed to show how others love your product

You’re in Complete Control

LeadSqueeze is easy for YOU to set up and control. The software is built on WordPress®, the world’s most trusted and flexible site-building foundation. All the fabulous features can be managed from one “dummy-proof” control panel. There has never been a site-builder as simple AND flexible to use as LeadSqueeze.
  • Choose color and design — and change any time
  • Easily drop in your text
  • Add images in seconds
  • Adding video is EASY*
  • Quickly integrate with Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites
  • Create a powerful testimonial page with video, images and text
  • Add a blog if you want to


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